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Dexim [userpic]
Journey across the beach
by Dexim (odddemeanor)
at November 7th, 2006 (06:59 pm)

I went far, far towards the sea
past desert subrealities.
A gentle breeze was blowing
then so soft and subtly.
I stoped to take the late sunshine,
before the warm light ceased.
I would not rest for sometime
on my journey across the beach.

So then I went on with my pilgrimage
to find the home of light.
I traveled on for quite a while
until late into the night.
It seemed like I moved time and space
like scenes from some great play
and all things seemed to guide me on
as I went on my way.
I saw things that were far removed
from what I knew was true.
And then I felt I'd come upon
the souls home in it's youth

I woke up in a daze from deep within
and then my vision ceased.
And that is how I came to end
my journey across the beach.


Posted by: loosing_gravity (loosing_gravity)
Posted at: November 8th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)

I like it. Nicely done :)