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B.J. [userpic]
Poems created with magnetic poetry
by B.J. (pittydirl)
at August 22nd, 2006 (08:21 am)

current mood: awake

remember the fall wedding
pumpkin season
you much work hard
it looks easy
their smiles partying
like a summer popsicle
a serious year
I am above another fashion
my bad

ice cold nature beneath
man and woman
they create a child
while snow & rain danced
on every bird, flower, squirrel
there were dark blue clouds
grass has sky

I love magnetic poetry! :)

Nicole [userpic]
"Dreamscape: One Year"
by Nicole (sojourner_cries)
at August 20th, 2006 (07:46 pm)

This is more Arazel- honestly, I was waiting for this one to rewrite itself. It could have done with some more editing, too. Anyway, enjoy! I'll try to do better next time. Comments and critiques are always welcome!

Dreamscape: One YearCollapse )

Nicole [userpic]
by Nicole (sojourner_cries)
at August 14th, 2006 (07:39 pm)

Arazel # 3. I rather dislike this piece, except for the twins. It feels very cliched, but eh.

TwinsCollapse )

Comments and critiques are always welcome :) .

Nicole [userpic]
by Nicole (sojourner_cries)
at August 10th, 2006 (03:10 pm)

Another Arazel... thing. It takes me forever to edit, by the way, but this time I wrote it in the correct tense the first time. The style might also be slightly different, and it gets a warning for language.

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Comments and critiques are always welcome.

at August 9th, 2006 (11:04 pm)

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Kanani [userpic]
by Kanani (i_lovefallingup)
at August 9th, 2006 (01:30 pm)
current song: gatsbys american dream- a mind of metal and wheels

I'm bored at work, so i wrote out this draft of a first chapter to something that has been in my head for a while now. I've been afraid to write for a year, so i'm just excited i finally got something out that I didn't absolutly down right want to kill myself for ever writting into existance (writers block loves me).

anyhow. yep.

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Les [userpic]
newbie fic writer
by Les (gorgeousgilbs07)
at August 9th, 2006 (02:54 am)

so i'm sorta new here. i've been lurking around while attempting to find time to start writing a fic that i became inspired to write a couple months ago. i currently have 2 introductions written, but i need opinions on them. any thougths would be greatly appreciated.

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gabyyyy [userpic]
by gabyyyy (enema_recipe)
at August 8th, 2006 (09:49 am)

Hi there. Here's another part of my short story.

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Nicole [userpic]
"Goodbye With Smoke"
by Nicole (sojourner_cries)
at August 7th, 2006 (06:06 pm)

current mood: happy

This could really use a new title. It's my first prose that is A. over 1000 words and B. with a character who has a name in several months. I know that the tenses might be awkward in some places, but I wrote it in present tense and then converted it to past tense.

As he leaned on the windowsill...Collapse )

Comments and critiques are always welcome!

Frobo the Robo [userpic]
by Frobo the Robo (kuroi_inochi)
at August 4th, 2006 (04:10 pm)

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current mood: exhausted
current song: shiina ringo - tokyo no onna

I meant to post this earlier, but i got sort of busy suddenly >>. Sorry about that ^^ anyway, this is the last chapter, and the longest one. Please read and enjoy and comment?

EDIT: once again changed a couple of things. i think the ending's better now ^^